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Stemming the tide on IT security breaches is a constant challenge facing the CISOs, and CIOs in today’s digital age, considering the increasing complexity in our computing environment, alongside the plethora of tools available to hackers, and vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited. The story is no different with Physical Security suffering its fair share of compromise, however with the growing trend of global terrorism organizations need to re-assess and revalidate their physical Security program.

Physical Security is considered the first line of defence, an important component ring of IT Security. Regardless of the size of your organization Physical Security typically covers a vast area of organizations assets permeating functional areas such as physical, administrative, technical and personnel, security loopholes may give rise to undesired activity such as theft, vandalism, sabotage, accidents and fraudulent practices. This makes for a strong argument for a the prioritisation and implementation of a robust Physical Security

Threat capabilities need to be understood prior to rolling out a successful Security program, this needs to be updated regularly as new threats emerge, deploying adequate controls, accepting risk, where controls are deemed infeasible.

As Information Security experts we understand that Physical Security is a key requirement for a thriving Business Operations such as yours. Security breaches can hurt Organizations reputations, consumer confidence, resulting in loosing competitive advantage in the market place and incur financial losses and liabilities.

Organizations that already have closed-circuit TV surveillance, intrusion detection systems and security guards have already taken the right step, however at Penayde we are optimising your Physical Security through deployment of Physical security components and effective monitoring and alert systems. We can help design an Effective Security program aligned with your business objectives and current threats and associated risks. We are partners with Physical Security Vendors specialised in deploying cutting edge Physical Security Solutions best suitable for your organization.