Fast-growing field of DevSecOps is opportunity for IT pros

Security breaches like those involving Coursera, Experian and Peleton earlier this year are driving home the need for DevSecOps to improve the security of APIs and other types of software. DevSecOps is a growing field ripe with opportunities for IT professionals and software developers, especially now that workers and much of daily business have moved […]

Why Cloud Service Providers Are a Single Point of Failure

Cloud computing has been a global megatrend for the past decade and enjoyed skyrocketing adoption, and there is no end in sight. As this transition continues, cloud services will assume a dominant position as IT innovators produce more efficient, flexible, and faster products. A forecast by analyst firm IDC estimates that total worldwide spending on cloud services […]

Newly Found Authentication Flaws Highlight Dangers of Coding From Scratch

Two vulnerabilities in a call-center software suite could allow an attacker to take over the application server, researchers found. Do-it-yourself is a great way to learn coding, but it’s a risky way to tackle complex application problems that have scant room for error, such as authentication and encryption. A new vulnerability report by software-security firm […]