We are Penayde

Penayde is your reliable ally for information security. We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions and services for enterprise-class organizations including businesses, governments and educational institutions to successfully plan, build and operate their security systems and programs. We are specialists in cyber security and pride ourselves in only engaging the very best consultants in the world. Our team of consultants have many years of industry experience providing information security guidance and advice for private and public sector organizations in United Kingdom.

We are a multi-disciplinary services company dedicated to helping our clients select, purchase, and implement robust cost-effective IT security solutions. We are partnered with manufacturers of Information security products and Information security service providers. Our solutions span hardware and software for networks, enterprises, servers, desktop platforms, mobile platforms, and handheld devices.

Our Job is to Help You Achieve Success

Our Mission, Values and Motto

Penayde’s mission is to provide unprecedented value to our clients, partners, employees and shareholders. We have an unrivalled passion for information security and are able to deliver on our commitment to client success, results and quality. We have the consultants and resources to handle any size of project and carry it out with the best service in the industry.

Our commitment is to provide excellence to our clients. We offer our clients proven, end-to-end solutions (technology, people and processes) to assess, plan, and protect the information security of their IT infrastructure and enterprise. Penayde provides a world-class security team, with cutting edge expertise and global reach that combines the professional security expertise in each business unit, with industry-leading specialists. With this unique depth and unparalleled know-how, Penayde offers trusted, end-to-end security solutions and business value.