Cloud Security & DevSecOps with Penayde

Emerging technologies are driving change at an unprecedented pace, services need to be delivered in a rapid, innovative and efficient way for the best business outcomes.

Penayde Consulting helps to drive cloud adoption strategy, unlocking cloud-based capabilities, providing business edge to remain competitive with a range of tailored Cloud computing solutions, as your organisation undergoes digital transformation. We leverage native public cloud services across AWS, AZURE and GCP, as well as 3rd party solutions that fit well with business needs.

  • Cloud Networking
  • Cloud Security
  • DevOps Consulting
  • CI/CD Automation Services
  • Container Management
  • Application Security

DevOps methodology is transforming engagement and collaboration between various stakeholders, resulting in increased release cycles and shorter time-to-market of your product, Penayde Consulting employs CI/CD pipelines, DevSecOps principles, Automation, Application Security and container orchestration management to drive your business productivity to the next level.

Penayde Consulting offers managed consulting services focused on automating software development and deployment, continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines, with successfully proven blueprint, removing burden of resourcing, planning, designing and implementing project requirement and cost of ownership. This value proposition is a flexible time and resource-based model, entirely driven by client and business requirements. We also work with businesses that have DevOps teams needing development through training, we can certainly offer capacity building services.

DevSecOps MasterClass

Enhance your team’s productivity with Customised Training Courses. The DevSecOps MasterClass helps you learn how to integrate security practices, principles, tooling and knowledge into the software development, testing and delivery process. You will learn techniques used by the leading organisations that are early adopters of DevSecOps to increase innovation and speed up delivery while remaining secure.

  • Threat modelling
    DevOps tools
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Application Security Testing and Tools
  • Cloud Security
  • Containerisation – Docker and Kubernetes